Friedensförderung durch Brücken der Verständigung
Peace Building through Bridges of Communication




The team of Medienhilfe

Michael Dischl
PhD in Political Science / MA in Geography

Nena Skopljanac
Program Director
Political scientist / Media researcher 

Roland Brunner
Executive Director
Journalist / Editor

Carole Gürtler
Project Manager Kosov@
MA in Journalism, Art Science and History

Tanja Popovic
Project Manager Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina
MA in Eastern European History / Graduated in
European Ethnology and Communication and Media science

Daniela Králová
Project Manager Roma Media Network
MA in Communication and Media Studies  

Daniela Mathis
Head Office Co-ordinator
Commercial clerk, bookkeeping and accounting

Ueli Heuer
Technical Support, Webhosting
with active support by Belma Jordi
Clarissa Hall (English editing)
Jasna Bastic
all the Civil Servants working with us

and many other friends and colleges (see also the Council of medienhilfe)

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