Friedensförderung durch Brücken der Verständigung
Peace Building through Bridges of Communication





Mission statement

In a world of modern communication, media are the means and tools to understand our realities. Professional media dedicate themselves to rise the awareness about the complexity of life. The pluralism of opinion and analysis has to be reflected by a pluralism of media. Especially in situations of conflict or crisis, independent information and professional communication are crucial to address the problems and help to find a constructive way out of them. Media can facilitate conflict resolution by properly and responsibly reporting about events and by challenging interests and forces with arguments. Medienhilfe supports professional and independent media in this struggle with the aim of contributing to conflict resolution and peace building.

Medienhilfe perceives its support as an offer for partnership with professional media in South East Europe, but also here in Switzerland. The building of professional bridges shall contribute to reduce prejudices and to provide information, which exceeds that offered by news agencies.

Medienhilfe elaborates and implements all its projects in cooperation with its partners based on their needs and interests. Partners and projects are carefully assessed before being elected for support. The aim of our support is to strengthen partners and to help them become independent from international donors as soon as possible.

Besides direct financial and material support Medienhilfe offers its partners professional assistance and counseling (organizational development, media-monitoring, publications) as well as access to Swiss media.

During crisis situations, when media and journalists are directly threatened, Medienhilfe intervenes on behalf of them at the responsible authorities and informs the international organizations in charge of this issues.

Medienhilfe sees its engagement as complementary to the projects implemented by the Swiss government and international organizations.

Criteria for the selection of our partners are the following:

  • Media who are not owned or controlled by state or para-state structures, by political parties or individual politicians

  • Media whose editorial policy is independent

  • Media whose coverage complies with the professional and ethical standards of a responsible journalism

  • Media whose coverage and language takes a clear stand against nationalism and chauvinism

  • Media who contribute to political understanding and dialogue,  peaceful cohabitation and social tolerance

  • Media who actively promote civil society and democratization processes

  • Media who look for cooperation beyond the ethnical, religious and national borders

  • Media who give minorities a voice

Medienhilfe relies on the following resources and networks for a successful implementation of its programs:

  • advisory board consisting of personalities from the field of media, science and politics

  • network of Swiss authorities and non-governmental organizations

  • international institutions like the European Union and the Stability Pact for South Eastern Europe (being a member of its Media Task Force)

  • international coordination of media organizations which besides Medienhilfe include:

o       IREX ProMedia (USA)

o       Media Development Loan Fund MDLF (Prague)

o       Open Society Institute – Network Media Program (Budapest) as well as
    the Open Society’s Foundations in every country of the area

o       Press Now (Holland)

o       Norwegian People’s Aid NPA

o       Swedish Helsinki Committee SHC

Medienhilfe receives financial support from:

  • two sections of the Swiss Ministry of Foreign Affairs, i.e. the Political Division IV and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation

  • Swiss cities and communities

  • Swiss NGOs and foundations

  • Individual contributions and donations

  • Foreign governments through their MFAs and international foundations like the National Endowment for Democracy NED or the Heinrich-Böll-Foundation

source: Medienhilfe
published by: Vanda Mathis date of release on this site (DD/MM/YY): 25/3/2002


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