Friedensförderung durch Brücken der Verständigung
Peace Building through Bridges of Communication




Security Sector Reform and the Media

Regional Conference on defence and the freedom of information

Organized by the Geneva Center for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces DCAF and medienhilfe Switzerland in cooperation with the Center for Civil-Military Relations CCMR and the Media Center Belgrade, Serbia & Montenegro, November 14/15, 2003

Conference Agenda (draft version) and presentations

November 14, 2003 Venue: Media Center, Makedonska 5, Belgrade


09.00-09.30  Opening / Welcome

 09.30-11.30  Security Sector Reform (Moderator: Mr. Jan Arveds Trapans, DCAF)

11.30-12.00 Coffee Break


12.00.-13.30  New Security Challenges (Moderator: Mr. Miroslav Hadzic, CCMR)

  • Mr. Jan Arveds Trapans, DCAF – Global Trends

  • Ms. Marina Caparini, DCAF – Regional Trends

13.30-14.30 Lunch

  14.30-16.00 Public Opinion and the Military (Moderator: Mr. Roland Brunner, mh)

16.00-16.30 Coffee Break


16.30-18.00   Legal Framework and Media Regulation (Moderator: Mr. Srdjan Radovanovic, MC)

18.00-19.00   Summary of the findings of the first day – CCMR and MC


20.00 Official Dinner for invited guests



November 15, 2003 Venue: Central Officers Club of Army of Serbia and Montenegro (Dom Vojske), Brace Jugovica 19, Belgrade


09.30-11.00   The Defense Community: Challenges for Public Information Management (Moderator: Mr. Aji Buchanan, RACVIAC Public Information)

11.00-11.30 Coffee Break


11.30-13.00   Media Coverage of the Security Issues (Moderator: Mr. Roland Brunner, mh)

13.00-14.00   Lunch


14.00-15.00   Challenges for Reporting (investigative journalism) (Moderator: Ms. Jovanka Matic, CMMR)

15.00-16.00   Initiatives under way and further action needed (Moderator: Ms. Jasmina Debeljak, MC)

16.00-16.30   Coffee Break


16.30-17.00   Findings and recommendations for follow-up action

  • Ms. Jovanka Matić, CCMR

  • Mr. Roland Brunner, mh

  • Representatives of the MoD

  • Local organizers Mr. Miroslav Hadzic, CCMR and Mr. Zoran Jelicic, MC

  • Swiss organizers DCAF

17.00-17.15   End of the conference


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