Friedensförderung durch Brücken der Verständigung
Peace Building through Bridges of Communication





Projects and Partners by alphabetical order

The following media received support from medienhilfe and are often going on to be our partners:

Folgende Medienprojekte erhielten im Verlauf der letzten Jahre Unterstützung durch die medienhilfe und sind zum Teil immer noch unsere PartnerInnen:

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·         AJM, Association of Journalists of Macedonia AJM in Skopje

·         ANEM, Association of Independent Electronic Media of Serbia in Belgrade

·         Antena M, radio station in Podgorica

·         APM, Association of Private Medias

·         Arhitel, video production group in Belgrade

·         ART, Albanian language TV station in Tetovo

·         ATV - Alternative TV, TV station in Banja Luka  

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·         Bajina Basta, radio station in Bajina Basta

·         BETA, news agency from Belgrade

·         Boom 93, radio station in Pozarevac

·         BTR Nacional, Roma TV in Skopje

·         Bumerang, magazine from Osijek

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·         Cerenja, Roma Radio in Stip

·         City Radio, radio station in Nis, Serbia

·         Contact plus, radio station in Mitrovica

·         Contact, radio station in Prishtinë/Pristina (five languages)

·         Contra Bellum, magazine from Pancevo

·         Csaladi Kor, magazine from Novi Sad  

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·         Danas, daily newspaper from Belgrade

·         Dani, weekly magazine from Sarajevo  

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·         ERA, Albanian language TV station in Skopje

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·         Feral Tribune, weekly magazine from Split

·         FoNET, independent news agency in Belgrade

·         Froli TV, TV station in Nis  

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·         Hayat, Bosnian language radio station in Pejë/Pec  

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·         ISPJR, Institute for Sociological, Political and Juridical Research in Skopje

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·         Jehona, magazine from Bujanovac, Presheva and Medvegja   

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·         K, radio station in Fushë Kosovë/Kosovo Polje

·         Kameleon, radio station in Tuzla

·         Kent FM, Turkish language radio station in Prishtinë/Pristina

·         Khrlo e Romengo – “Voice of Roma”, Roma radio station in Belgrade

·         Koha Ditore, daily newspaper from Prishtinë/Pristina

·         Kosova Live, news agency in Prishtinë/Pristina

·         KTV Koha Vision, TV station in Prishtinë/Pristina  

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·         Lobi, Albanian language weekly magazine from Skopje

·         Local Press, network of independent prints  

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·         Mak Fax, news agency in Skopje

·         Max, Serbian language radio station in Silovo

·         MDC, Media Development Center in Skopje

·         Media Centar, Belgrade

·         MIM, Macedonian Institut for Media

·         Mir, radio station in Tuzi

·         Monitor, weekly magazine from Podgorica

·         MONTPRES, Association of independent Print Media in Montenegro

·         Mreza, video productions in Belgrade  

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·         Naplo, magazine from Novi Sad

·         Nasa Borba, daily newspaper from Belgrade

·         Nezavisna Svetlost, magazine from Kragujevac

·         Nezavisni, magazine from Novi Sad

·         RTV Nisava, Roma radio station in Nis

·         Novi Prelom, magazine from Banja Luka

·         NTV Zetel, TV station in Zenica

·         NUNS, Independent Journalist' Association of Serbia

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·         O.K. Radio, radio station in Vranje

·         Onogost, magazine from Niksic

·         Oslobodjenje, daily newspaper from Sarajevo

·         Otok Ivanic, daily newspaper from Ivanic Grad   

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·         Pacifik, magazine from Belgrade

·         Pakracke Novine, daily newspaper from Pakrac

·         Peja, Albanian language radio station in Pejë/Pec

·         Plusforte, Macedonian language radio station in Tetovo

·         Polje, magazine from Polje

·         ProFemina, quarterly journal for women writers and culture from Belgrade  

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·         Radio 021, radio station in Novi Sad (five languages)

·         Radio C, Roma radio station in Budapest

·         Radio Gjilan, radio station in Gnjilane, Kosova

·         Radio Magic, radio station in Milici, Bosnia and Herzegovina

·         Radio Ozon, radio station in Cacak, Serbia

·         Radio Patak, radio station in Valjevo, Serbia

·         Radio Romic, Roma radio station in Murska Sobota, Slovenia

·         Radio Rota, radio station in Prague

·         Radio Svit, in Uzhgorod, Ukraine

·         Radio Ternipe, Roma radio station in Prilep, Macedonia

·         Radio Tocak, radio station in Valjevo, Serbia

·         Radio Vala Rinorem, radio station in Pristina, Kosova

·         Radio Vicianum, radio station in Vucitrn, Kosova

·         Republika, biweekly magazine from Belgrade

·         ARKzin, monthly magazine from Zagreb

·         Rotoslog, printing house in Podgorica

·         Roma Association “Romani Union”, in Murska Sobota, Slovenia

·         Roma Press Agency, news agency in Kosice, Slovakia

·         Roma Press Center, press center in Budapest, Hungary

·         RTV 21, radio and TV station in Prishtinë/Pristina

·         RTV B92, radio and multimedia spectacle in Belgrade

·         RTV Drina, radio station in Skelani

·         RTV Kragujevac, radio and TV station in Kragujevac

·         RTV M+, radio and TV station in Mladenovac, Serbia

·         RTV Mitrovica, TV station in Mitrovica

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·         Start, magazine from Zagreb/Sarajevo

·         Stina, news agency from Split

·         Studio 99, radio and TV station in Sarajevo

·         Studio B, TV station in Belgrade

·         STV Negotin, TV station in Negotin, Serbia

·         Sutel, Roma TV in Skopje

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·         TERA, Macedonian language TV station in Bitola

·         TV Hana, TV station in Kumanovo, Macedonia

·         TV Studio Prizren, TV station in Prizren

·         TV Tumende (Parang), Roma TV production in Petrosani, Romania

·         TV Roma TV station in Vidin, Bulgaria

·         TV Production Dunais, TV station in Sofia, Bulgaria

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·         urbaNS, video productions in Novi Sad (Hungarian and Serbian)

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·         VATI, radio in Skopje

·         Vijesti, daily newspaper from Podgorica

·         Vin, video productions in Belgrade

·         VIS , Macedonian language TV station in Strumica

·         Vojvodina, daily newspaper from Novi Sad

·         Vranjske Novine, magazine from Vranje

·         Vreme, weekly magazine from Belgrade

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·         Yeni Dönem, Turkish language radio station in Prizren  

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·         Zdravkin, Macedonian language TV station in Veles

·         Zeri i dites, daily newspaper from Prishtinë/Pristina

·         Zeri, weekly magazine from Prishtinë/Pristina

·         Zid, radio station in Sarajevo

source: medienhilfe
published by: MIchael Dischl
date of release on this site: 26/02/03 - update: 28/09/04


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