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medienhilfe: Annual Report 2004 / Jahresbericht 2004 (PDF 1043 KB)

mh-info 2005-1 (März): Roma-Dekade eröffnet; medienhilfe Rück- und Ausblick; Mehrsprachige Vielfalt: Projekte in Kosov@ und Mazedonien; Medien und Hass – ein Interview mit Roger Blum


MON: Media Independence in a Period of Transition: Mission (im)possible, Media Online, 04/05/05

MAC: Economic influence on the independence of Macedonian media: Pressure or autocensoreship?, Media Online, 28/04/05

MON: SEEMO press release: Situation of the media in Montenegro, SEEMO, 26/04/05

MON: Unbalancing the press, Transitions Online, 23/04/05

SLO: Going After the Public Broadcaster, Transitions Online, 23/04/05

BiH: Economic Pressure - A tool for achieving political aims, Media Online, 20/04/05

SEE: Comment: Balkan Media Should be More Probing, IWPR 552, 15/04/05

SER: Comment: “Free” Press Failing Serbs, IWPR552, 15/04/05

CRO: Economic pressure on media: The real game hast only started, Media Online, 13/04/05

CRO: Media Defamation and Croatian Lesiglation: Hasty media and greedy politicians and tycoons, Media Onlien, 01/04/05

SER: The return of hate speeck into Serbian media: The new Maksimir, Media Online, 30/03/05

BiH: How the New Defamation Law is applied in BiH: Journalists have not profited too much, Media Online, 23/03/05

MON: Media and Defamation: Even a portion of journalists are not for decriminalization of defamation, Media Online, 16/03/05

SEE: Research on the additional journalistic education needs: Between desires and reality, Media Online, 08/03/05

SER: Two sides of the coin: Media - from criticism to slandering crusades, plaintiffs - seeking the scapegoat in media, Media Online, 02/03/05

CRO: The omnipotence of Secret Services in creating lies, Media Online, 16/02/04

SEE: Defense department investigates payments to journalists, IJNet 295, 14/02/05

MAC: The Media Landscape of Macedonia in 2004: Questionable Pluralism, Media Online, 09/02/05

Monitoring of influential daily newspapers in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia & Montenegro and Croatia: Neighbors on neighbors, Media Online 03/02/05

BUL: Comment: Time for real public media in Bulgaria, IWPR 539, 27/01/05

BUL: The big brother of changes on the bulgarian TV market, Media Online, 26/01/05

BiH: Media situation in BiH in 2004: Battling political frustration, Media Online, 18/01/05

CRO: Media and the presidential campaign in Croatia: Much ado about nothing, Media Online, 12/01/05

MON: The Media Landscape of Montenegro. Awakening of the public and media., Media Online, 05/01/05

BiH: Bosnian journalists launch new union, IJNet 289, 03/01/05

ROM: The powerful defeated media, 28/12/04, Media Online, 28/12/04

SEE: On Media Centralization and Commercialization - Trendy media globalization and new journalism, Media Online, 22/12/04

BiH: Media self-regulation in temptation, Media Online, 15/12/04

BUL: Bulgarian media unite behind new ethical code, IJNet 287, 13/12/04

SER: New broadcasters pick away at walls of prejudice, IWPR 532, 09/12/04

SER: Daily press in Serbia - one event, one day and many differences: Assassi, or a maniac, Media Online, 08/12/04

medienhilfe: mh-info 2004-4 (November): Die Roma-Dekade aktiv mitgestalten - 3. Treffen des Roma Media Netzwerkes in Kotor; medienhilfe aktuell: medienhilfe in den Medien und Bücher und Musik bei mh; Balkanradio made in Switzerland

CRO: Thousand issues of Feral Tribun: Hard coping with new times, Media Online, 02/12/04

BUL: Outrage at trials of probing journalists, IWPR 530, 26/11/2004

MAC: Changes in the media system of the Republic of Macedonia: A good idea becomes history, Media Online, 17/11/04

SEE: Conference participants condemn media owners "double standards", IJNet 283, 15/11/04

SEE: Relationship between ownership of media and its independent position, Media Online, 11/11/04

UKR: International journalists back embattled colleagues in Ukraine, IJNet 282, 08/11/04

SER: Media in Serbia four years after Milosevic: One step forward, two steps back, Media Online, 03/11/04

MON: Public broadcasting service: Politics as a destiny, Media Online, 27/10/04

BUL: Bulgarian publishers agree to new code of practice, IJNet 280, 25/10/04

KOS: COMMENT: Equal airtime rule kills off debate, IWPR No. 522, 20/10/04

SLO: Strike in Slovenia: What the journalists wanted, Media Online, 19/10/04

Freedom House Report on Media Freedom: Press freedom on a downward slope, Media Online, 12/10/04

SLO: Report details coverage of violence in Slovenian media, IJNet 278, 11/10/04

ROM: New press censorship claims, IWPR 520, 08/10/04

BUL: Investigation: Muslim Infighting fuels media fundamentalist fears, IWPR 519, 07/10/04

ROM: Press bill would restrict coverage of politicians, IJNet 277, 04/10/04

KOS: COMMENT: Shooting won't silence brave Kosovo reporter, IWPR No. 518, 01/10/04

CRO: Ethical aspects of reporting on ethnic minorities, Media Online, 29/09/04

ROM: Journalists accuse media owners of editorial interference, IJNet 276, 27/09/04

mh-info 2004-3 (September): Hoffnung auf dem Balkan - Edito und Veranstaltungshinweis; Trotz Schelte keine Selbstkritik, Medien in Kosov@; B92 - Ein Sender mit Werten; medienhilfe aktuell: Neu bei mh - Daniela Králová, Projektverantwortliche Roma Media Network...

KOS: Macht und Ohnmacht - Medien im Kosovo. Carole Gürtler, medienhilfe, in: Medienheft 07/09/04

SER: Hate speech in the electronic media in election campaigns in Serbia, Media Online, 31/08/04

SER: Media privatization guidelines adopted in Serbia, IJNet 272, 30/08/04

BiH: On the trail of a Croat request to restructure the public broadcasting system: Dissatisfied with the state, Media Online, 11/08/04

CRO: Defamation law: The hypocrisy of ministerial protection, Media Online, 17/08/04

SEE: Media groups promote tolerance among ethnic minorities, IJNet#270, 16/08/04

CRO: Croatian Minister Pays Up to Keep Journalist Out of Jail, IWPR 509, 30/07/04

BUL: The Bulgarian Press Market - where ist the quality?, Media Online, 28/07/04

SER: Daily paper's formalism and yellow tabloid's sensationalism, Media Online, 20/07/04

KOS: Kosovo media boss launches election bid, IWPR No. 507, 15/07/04

KOS: Comment: Surroi the politician, IWPR No. 507, 15/07/04

BUL: Media reform urged, IWPR No. 507, 15/07/04

BiH: Political reflections of non-political issues in the daily press in BiH, Media Online, 13/07/04

BiH: Comparative analysis of the print media in BiH: Information wars in the Balkans since 1991, Media Online, 07/07/04

SER: Radio B92 still topping ratings, B92, 07/07/04

SEE: Professional Self-Awareness and Professional Standards (Bulgaria), Media Online, 22/06/04

medienhilfe: mh-info 2004-2 (Juni): Kosov@ in der Krise; Im Zeichen der Konsolidierung - zweites Treffen des Roma Medien Netzwerkes; Eine Dekade zur Roma-Integration; mh-Jahresversammlung...

MAC: The media system: A law is delayed - the situation is worsening, Media Online, 15/06/04

SER: Internet presentation of media in Serbia: more for the intellectual elite than for the diaspora, Media Online, 08/06/04

KOS: IFJ criticizes report on media's role in Kosovo violence, IJNet 260, 07/06/04

MON: Editor's murder raises tensions in Montenegro, IWPR No. 501, 08/06/04

MON: Mysterious Killing rocks Montenegro. RFE/RL Balkan Report Vol. 8, No. 19, 04/06/04

KOS: Wenn Medien Feuer legen – Gedanken zum Kosovo-Konflikt. Artikel von Leonidas Bieri in der Berner Uni-Zeitschrift foliage, April 2004
"Ein Waffenstillstand ist noch kein Friedensabkommen". Interview von Leonidas Bieri mit Roland Brunner, Geschäftsführer medienhilfe

KOS: On the trail of a report by the Temporary Media Commssioner in Kosov@: Abuse of Cinema Verite in TV journalism, Media Online, 01/06/04

SLO: Slovene media in ownership turbulences, Media Online, 11/05/04

SEE: Media Ownership and Its Impact on Media Independence and Pluralism, IJNET 259, 31/05/04

COMMENT: Balkans Facing possibly ruinous isolation, IWPR No. 500, 28/05/04

MON: On the broadcasting strategy: Frequency allocation announced a media tempest, Media Online, 25/05/04

MAC: The media and presidential elections:Slight professional progress with political influence still present, Media Online, 18/05/04

SER: How papers in Serbia reported on a certain event: Berets in 100 ways, Media Online, 27/04/04

KOS: Findings and Recommendations with regard to RTK, KTV an TV 21, OSCE/TMC Temporary Media Commissioner, 26/04/04

KOS: Media "inflamed" riots, IWPR No. 494, 30/04/04

KOS: The Role of the Media in the March 2004 Events in Kosovo, OSCE-Report 26/04/04

SER: Media in Serbia following shift in Government: New national awakening, Media Online, 30/03/04

COMMENT: The mafia and the press. Resisting underworld pressure on media in southeast Europe, IWPR No. 485, 17/03/04

medienhilfe: mh-info 2004-1 (März): Bosnien-Herzegowina in Bewegung; Radio mit Herz und Hirn im Kosov@; medienhilfe aktuell: Armeereform und Öffentlichkeit; medienhilfe Rück- und Ausblick

MAC: The Mazedonian Media in 2003. RFE/RL Balkan Report, 12/03/2004

SER: Serbian media in a new era, RFE/RL Balkan Report, 12/03/2004

BiH: Bosnia media conference, IWPR No. 483, 05/03/2004

BiH: Comment - Bosnia: A question of objectivity, IWPR No. 483, 05/03/2004

BiH: 2003 Media Overview: Journalism still divided along ethnic lines, Patrick Moore and Luke Allnutt, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, 03/03/04

KOS: 2003 Media Overview: Media still struggeling to find their voice, Patrick Moore and Ulrich Buechsenschuetz, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, 03/03/04

SER: Vojvodina - quantity, but questionable quality, Media Online 17/02/04

MAC: Fernsehen zwischen den Fronten, changeX Partnerforum, 06/01/04

BiH: Public Services under international protectorate, Press beyond any control, Statistically speaking pressure on journalists declining. Radenko Udovičić, Media Online, 10/02/04

MAC: WAZ and the Buy-out of Macedonian Independent Press. Report by Agnes Handwerk and Harrie Willems, commissionned by PressNow, Amsterdam, January 2004

BiH: Front Page of Daily Newspapers, Media Online, 01/02/04

CRO: Painstaking Conquering of Media Freedom, Stojan Obradovic, MediaOnline, February 2004

MAC: Newcomers take on German media giant, IWPR No. 478, 29/01/04


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