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Editor faults journalistic standards in Macedonia - IJNet 236, 15/12/03

mh-info 2003-4 (November): Medienkonzentration in Osteuropa; Von der Theorie zur Praxis, ein mh-Workshop in Mazedonien....

Stability Pact for South-Eastern Europe - Media Task Force: Media in South Eastern Europe - Legislation, Professionalism and Associations. November 2003

Media in Serbia, October 2003, Veran Matic

mh-info 2003-3 (September): Mazedonien im Umbruch; Medien in Kosovo....

Macedonia: "Kronen Zeitung", "Gruppo", "Politika"...., Press Online, 21/10/03

Macedonia: The Monopoly Administration of the Republic of Macedonia cannot do anything!, Press Online 21/10/03

Macedonia: The State will control TV and Radio Stations, and WAZ the Press, Press Online, 20/10/03

Macedonia: The Government's gift to WAZ amounts to 3.5 Million Denars directly and 6.8 Million "indirectly"!, Press Online, 21/10/03

Serbia and Montenegro: Media in Serbia and Montenegro in the first seven months of this year , media online 19/9/03

BiH: Explosive Dealings, by Anes Alic, Transitions Online, 27/08/03

Serbia: Minister “surprised” at aid freeze for media watchdog, mediawatch 27/08/03

Kosovo: Media Commissioner warns Kosov@ over inaccurate reporting on violence, OSCE, 22/08/03

Macedonia: German WAZ group buys up Macedonian-language dailies, Radio Free Europe, 15/08/03

Macedonia: Press takeover conerns, Ana Petruseva, IWPR 452, 13/08/03

Serbia: Preserving the Memory: Sinister or Sincere?, Matthew Robinson, TOL, 31/07/03

Serbia: SERBIAN REFORM STALLS AGAIN. excerpt:  THE MEDIA. International Crisis Group ICG Balkans Report N°145, Belgrade/Brussels 17/07/03

Croatia: Oblivion - The driving force behind Slobodna Dalmacija. Goran Vezic, Media Online, 03/07/03

mh-info 2003-2 (Juni): Medien, Macht, Moral; Medienhilfe für Roma...

Serbia: Serbia media protests, Dragana Nikolic, IWPR 437, 13/06/03

Serbia: CPJ concerned about government actions against the media, CPJ, 12/06/03

Minorities and Media: Between disregard and tacit abandonment. Stojan Obradovic, Media Online, 11/06/03

Serbia: Status of media in Serbia, May 2003, B92, 06/06/03

Serbia: Serbian Government breaks the law again. ANEM Press Release, 28/05/03

Serbia: Closed Belgrade Paper "Victimised", Vesna Bjekic, Boris Drenca and Hugh Griffiths, IWPR, 12/05/03

Serbia: Will Turbo-Folk survive Ceca blow? Zeljko Cvijanovic, IWPR, 29/04/03

Serbia: Struggle about Broadcasting Agency Council - documentation (April 2003)

Croatia: Media situation - old problem, new attractions. Stojan Obradovic, Media Online, 18/04/03

Macedonia: The media system - situation and tendencies. Zivko Andrevski, Media Online, 14/04/03

Montenegro: New media laws: A mouthful of democracy. Velizar Sredanovic, Media Online, 11/04/03

BiH: Current Media Situation in Bosnia-Herzegovina: Stabilization of broadcasting sector completed. Radenko Udovicic, Media Online, 07/04/03

Serbia: Media Situation in Serbia towards the end of State of Emergency. A justfied delay. Vladan Radosavljevic, Media Online, 04/04/03

Investigation: German Media giant (WAZ) dominates Balkans. Julie Poucher Harbin in Vienna and Sarajevo, Elena Yoncheva in Bulgaria, Vera Didanovic in Serbia, and Drago Hedl in Croatia, IWPR 419, 01/04/03

Macedonia: Will real pluralism of daily newspapers disappear? Zivko Andrevski, Media Online, 01/04/03

Investigation: Balkans in the French Press: Irregularly and selectively, divergent optits. Dusan Babic, Media Online, 28/03/03

mh-info 2003-1 (März): Military & Media, Programm 2003...

mh-Jahresbericht 2002

Macedonia: A view of the Macedonian Web. Katerina Spasovska, Media Online, 25/03/03

Serbia: Belgrade press consent to censorship Tamara Spaic, IWPR 417, 25/03/03

Serbia: Media in State of emergency. Vladan Radosavljevic, Media Online, 21/03/03

Serbia: Verkaufsverbot für Zeitungen. Von Gemma Pörzgen, Salzburger Nachrichten, 21/03/03

BiH: Ashdown in media storm Nick Hawton, IWPR 413, 11/03/03 

BiH: Comment: Backing the wrong horse Senad Pecanin, IWPR 413, 11/03/03

New Book: Prime time crime. Balkan Media in war and peace. Dusan Babic, Media Online, 07/03/03

Serbia: Key step to media reform. Tamara Spaic, IWPR 410, 28/02/03

Macedonia: Discussion on new Broadcasting Law: Orientation to adopt a European Model. Živko Andrevski, Media Online, 24/02/03

BiH: The Press in Bosnia-Herzegovina on the European idea: Surmounting Europe. Radenko Udovičić, Media Online, 18/02/03

Croatia: Ad acta with the calvary of "Slobodna Dalmacija": Acquittal sentence for the stealer of the "hardest" ten years in a daily newspaper. Goran Vežić, Media Online, 03/02/03

Slovenia: National RTV as small change. Gojko Bervar,  Media Online, 31/01/03

BiH: The bright and dark sides of the international community in Bosnia-Herzegovina: Impotence of the fourth pillar. Amra Kebo, Media Online, 31/01/03

Macedonia: A story about the media. The hundredth number of „Lobi“. Press Online 16/01/03

Serbia: Serbian journalists to set up emergency fund for colleagues. IJNet No. 187, 06/01/03.

Macedonia: Privatizing of Macedonian publishing house may be rescinded. IJNet No. 187, 06/01/03.

Croatia: Changes recommended in Croatian broadcasting law. IJNet No. 187, 06/01/03.


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