Friedensförderung durch Brücken der Verständigung
Peace Building through Bridges of Communication





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BiH: CRA: Regulation and education - Two complementary directions. Dusan Babic, Media Online, December 16.

Serbia: Internet Journalism - How to make a big step. Zoran Stanojević, Media Online, December 12.

Kosov@: Study to assess united nations media policy in Kosovo. IJNet No. 183, December 2.

Macedonia: The media system of Macedonia will get the third sector - community radio. Zivko Andrevski, Media Online, December 2.

Macedonia: Macedonian broadcasting managers receive training from OSCE. IJNet No. 183, December 2.

Serbia: New Serbia "Shields" Curuvija Killers. Jovo Curuvija, IWPR's Balkan Crisis Report No. 385, November 26.

Serbia: The Hague Tribunal in the press in Serbia. Larisa Rankovic, Media Online, November 13.

BiH/Montenegro/Serbia: Analysis of media reforms - PBS in Bosnia, Montenegro and Serbia. Tanya Domi, Media Online, November 7.

Serbia: Djindjic dumps propaganda chief. Premier bows to foreign pressure and abandons communications chief accused of terrorising media groups. Zeljko Cvijanovic, Daniel Sunter, Boris Darmanovic, Dragana Nikolic, Gordana Igric, IWPR's Balkan Crisis Report No. 378, November 1.

Croatia: Interview with Jasmina Popovic, President of the Croatian Journalists Trade Union and Member of the International Journalists Federation Executive Committee. Stojan Obradovic, Media Online, October 25.

Serbia: The election of post festum: The new media in Serbia failed to bring a new president. Vladan Radosavljevic, Media Online, October 23.

Montenegro: Going to meet the early parliamentary elections in Montenegro: Party struggles for media. Sasa Brajovic, Media Online, October 16.

Macedonia: Media and parliamentary elections in Macedonia: Handy for politicians' use. Zivko Andrevski, Media Online, October 16.

Macedonia: Press demand end to beatings. Zoran Bojarovski, IWPR's Balkan Crisis Report No. 371, October 7.

Serbia: Government seeks media monopoly. Milka Saponja Hadzic, IWPR's Balkan Crisis Report No. 371, October 7.

Serbia: National minorities: The role of media in integration of the Roma community. Rasid Kurtic, Media Online, October 4.

BiH: Press accused of 'dirty' tactics. IWPR's Balkan Crisis Report No. 371, October 2.

Montenegro: State media sackings. Boris Darmanovic, IWPR's Balkan Crisis Report No. 369, September 24.

BiH: The law on defamation: New controversies surrounding domestic media legislation. Dusan Babic, Media Online, September 23.

Slovenia: Attacks on Journalists: Matters allowed and not allowed to journalists in Slovenia. Gojko Bervar, Media Online, September 20.

BiH: Pressure on electronic media in BiH: Findings of the second comprehensive study by Internews BiH (period August-September 02), Media Online, September 16.

Serbia/Montenegro: Online media in Serbia and Montenegro. Zoran Stanojevic, Media Online, September 12.

Kosov@: Curbing Kosovo media excess. Comment by Anna di Lellio, IWPR Balkan Crisis Report No. 366, September 11.

Macedonia: On the eve of parliamentary elections in Macedonia: What awaits the media. Zivko Andrevski, Media Online, September 10.

Macedonia: Announcement of the Macedonian Institute for Media, September 6.

Macedonia: Macedonian editors face arrest. IWPR's Balkan Crisis Report - Special Alert, September 6.

BiH: Her majesty - the press conference. Zoran Udovicic, Media Online, August 26.

Serbia: Bombs to market forces. All chaos on the media front. Eve-Ann Prentice, ANEM, August 23.

Montenegro: Media legislation in Monetengro: Control of politics over media. Sasa Brajovic, Media Task Force, August 18.

Montenegro: Montenegro meltdown. Milka Tadic, IWPR Balkan Crisis Report No. 359, August 16.

Montenegro: Changes to law may threaten editorial independence in Montenegro. IJF, August 13.

Kosov@: Kosovo Bosniaks: In quest of the identity (on 'Alem' - Bosnian language magasine published in Prishtina). Zija Dizdarevic, Media Online, August 13.

Kosov@: Media watchdog bites back. Arben Qirezi, IWPR's Balkan Crisis Report No. 357, August 8.

Serbia: How the broadcasting law was tempered: No one is completely satisfied. Dorde Zorkic, Media Online, August 6.

Macedonia: Pluralism in Macedonian broadcast media: Who likes whom. Zivko Andrevski, Media Online, August 2.

Macedonia: Media intimidation claims. Daniela Blazevska, IWPR, July 31.

Macedonia: No end to cultural apartheid. Veton Latifi, IWPR's Balkan Crisis Report No. 353, July 26.

Montenegro: Fury over opposition 'censorship'. Zoran Radulovic, IWPR's Balkan Crisis Report No. 353, July 26.

Serbia: Jungle Fever. About the new media law. Dragan Stojkovic, Transition Online Weekly report for July 9-15.

Covering ICTY and war-crimes: The doom of 'our side' and 'your side'. Radenko Udovicic, Media Online, July 12.

Macedonia: Media City Desk: Ein multiethnisches Medienprojekt in Mazedonien im Rahmen des Stabilitätspaktes. Sonila Sand, Deutsche Welle Monitordienst, July 11.

Von Zensur und Schickanen. Christian Meyer, Zürcher Studentin Nr. 7, July 4.

Croatia: Role of media in normalization of relations between Croatia and Yugoslavia: Hate speech is sophisticated because authoritarian political culture remains after political changes. Sanja Vukcevic, STINA/Media Online, July 4.

Serbia: ANEM statement: Serbian government blocks democratisation of media. Veran Matic, ANEM, July 1.

Macedonia: What Macedonian media should do during the election campaign. Zivko Andrevski, Media Online, June 27.

Kosov@: Media freedom under threat. Fear hampers the work of journalists in Kosovo. OSCE Press Release, June 18.

BiH: Controversial law on public broadcasting service. Dusan Babic, Media Online, June 17.

South East Europe public television gathering in Bar: Television and multiculture. Radenko Udovicic, Media Online, June 13.

BiH: 'BiH Link': Journalistic tricks and solutions for usage in daily work. Zoran Stanojevic, Media Online, June 13.

Croatia: Everyone interprets access to public information their own way. Branko Galic, Media Online, June 5.

Macedonia: Where is Macedonian Radio Television headed. Vesna Sopar, Media Online, June 3.

BiH: Web Design of media in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Marija Putica, Media Online, May 27. (download as PDF)

BiH: Up in the Air. Bosnia's private TV stations protest a draft law on public broadcasting. by Viola Gienger, Transitions Online, 20 May 2002

International Press Institute Session: Journalism in South East Europe is still a dangerous business. Aleksandar Mlac, Media Online, May 16.

Macedonia: Macedonian Media under fire. Jolyon Naegele, Balkan Report, May 10.

Macedonia: Who is monopolizing the advertising market in Macedonia? German Filkov, Media Online, May 10.

Es bedarf massiven Drucks. Interview von Barbara Oertel mit Roland Brunner, TAZ, 3.5.2002.

Serbien: Medialer Wildwuchs. Blick auf die Mediensituation in Serbien anlässlich des Tages der Pressefreiheit. Barbara Oertel, TAZ, 3.5.2002.

Medienhilfe-Info 2002/2 (Mai)

BiH: What is happening with the oldest Bosnian-Herzegovinian daily: Oslobodjenje to be sold for 4.7 Million Marks. Radenko Udovicic, Media Online, May 3.

Freie Medien? Was für ein Irrtum! Interview mit Veran Matic und Veton Surroi, geführt von Bernhard Odehnal, Weltwoche, 2. Mai.

Serbia: CPJ urges passage of new broadcasting law. Alexander Lupis, CPJ, April 24.

Croatia: Media ownership structure in Croatia: Huge power of the media. Pero Jurisin, Media Online, April 22.

Fakten statt Lügen: Medienhilfe Ex-Jugoslawien, 10 Jahre  im Dienste der freien Presse. Georg Farago, St. Galler Tagblatt, 20. April.

BiH: Ten years on. Janez Kovac, IWPR Nr. 330, April 12.

Serbien: Einfalt bedroht die Vielfalt in Serbiens Medienlandschaft. Dominik Straub, Der Bund, 11. April.

Montenegro: Analysis of position of RTCG and other broadcasters in Montenegro. Velizar Sredanovic, Media Online, April 1.

Kosov@: Struggles of journalism education in Kosov@. Faik Ispahiu, Media Online, March 27.

Croatia: Government didn't change. An interview with Viktor Ivancic. Pero Jurisin, Stina Weekly Service Nr. 265, March 22.

Croatia: Dissident paper may fold. Dragutin Hedl, IWPR Balkan Report Nr. 326, March 22.

Kosov@: New questions raised over Kosov@'s future. Arben Qirezi, IWPR Balkan Report Nr. 325, March 20.

Serbia: RTV Serbia: No more live broadcasting of trial to Milosevic  and B92 statement: Rights to coverage of Milosevic trial (Media Online, March 12 and Veran Matic, March 15).

Croatia: ANEM statement: Broadcasters in solidarity with Feral Tribune. Veran Matic, March 13.

Croatia: B92 journalists in act of solidarity with Feral Tribune. Veran Matic, March 13.

Bosnia-Herzegovina: Viewpoint: Karadzic in cyberspace. Petar Lukovic, IWPR Tribunal Update Nr. 258, March 11.

Medienhilfe-Info 2002/1 (März)

Macedonia: Storm over the Helsinki Committee 2001 Annual Report on media in Macedonia. Vesna Sopar, Media Online, March 7.

Croatia: 'Feral Tribunal' stifled even by democratic Croatia: Accused of cosmopolitanism! Goran Vezic, Media Online, March 6.

Serbia: Albanians and Serbs used the same journalist in propaganda purposes. Milorad Ivanovic, Media Online, March 5.

Macedonia: Who is behind the curtain? Iso Rusi, Lobi 56, March 4.

10 Jahre Medienhilfe Ex-Jugoslawien. 
Interview in der FriedensZeitung FriZ 1/2002.

Macedonia: When Journalists and Policemen are Doing Each Other’s Job. Iso Rusi, AIM February 15.

Macedonia: Medien in Zeiten der Krise. Einfalt in der Vielfalt. Andreas Ernst, Skopje (WochenZeitung WoZ, 21.2.2002).

Croatia: Delaying Public Television. Stojan Obradovic, Media Online.

Serbia: Rebel station has a new quest. After battling Milosevic, Yugoslavia's B92 station seeks fiscal success - and a national TV license. By Peter Ford | Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor.

Serbia: A step ahead of the rest. Interview with Radio B92 news editor Sanda Savic, published in Belgrade weekly "NIN".

Serbia: Interview with Slobodan Orlic, Yugoslav Information Minister: Federal media are changing owners. Snezana Stefanovic, Media Online.

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Situation in Media in BiH from the Aspect of Human Rights (January - December 2001). Helsinki Committee by Media Online.

Serbia: German Capital in the Serbian Media Market. Reanimating Politika.  Vera Didanovic, AIM Belgrade, February 5.

Serbia: «Warum ich in unseren Wunden bohre». Von Jasmina Seferovic, RTV B92; in: Weltwoche 7.2.2002 .

28-01-2002, Dušan Babić, Media Online

Macedonia: Kaum ein Tag ohne Berichte, die fuer Albaner ein Aergernis sind. Fakti/Deutsche Welle, Skopje, 22. Januar 2002.

Bosnia and Herzegovina: EDUCATION IN MEDIA MANAGEMENT IN BOSNIA-HERZEGOVINA (RESEARCH RESULTS). By Nenad Brkić & Jelisavka - Eta Madunić, Media Online.

Montenegro: JOURNALIST EDUCATION IN MONTENEGRO: A FOUNDATION YET TO BE BUILT. 24-01-2002, Dragoljub Duško Vuković, FR Yugoslavia (Montenegro), Media Online.

PRESS RELEASE: Report on the use of ICTs (information and communication technologies) by non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in Southeast Europe.

Serbia: Interference in Radio B92 reception. B92 Press Release, January 08, 2002.

Macedonia: Politicians dismiss War Predictions. IWPR'S BALKAN CRISIS REPORT, NO. 307, January 4, 2002.

Bosnia and Herzegovina: SDP at War with the Press. Can It Be Better "With US"? AIM Sarajevo, January 4, 2002.

Kosov@: Protecting Journalists. Besnik Bala, AIM Pristina, December 30, 2001

Serbia: The Media and Politics. Journalism of Cheap Sensationalism. Ivan Radovanovic, AIM Belgrade, December 18, 2001.


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